Mentors won’t teach you songs initially. Yes. But understand why.

Songs… What are they?

It will have two parts, the tune (the lead) and its accompanying chords of instruments.

How one can teach this? In just, very easy 4 steps!!!!


Step 1. Make learners read and play those series of notes to produce the melody.

This step alone has many micro-steps.

(i) Identifying the note and locate that note on the instrument

(ii) Learning the technique to produce the note (Easiest in Piano or Keyboard, If you can find the note on the keyboard, you can hit the ground running!)

(iii) Learning to move from one note to other

Hmm.. still long way to go… No songs yet!

Step 2. Make learners play the accompanying chords

The micro-steps are

(i) Understand the concept of chords

(ii) Being consistent while playing the chords

(iii) Achieve fluency in moving from one chord to another

Step 3. (A must for Piano and Keyboard learners) Try the melody with accompanying chords slowly.

Almost there… No songs yet!

Step 4. Make learners understand the speed of the song and play accordingly

The micro-steps are

(i) Understand the concept of rhythm (Understand metronome usage and time signatures)

(ii) Trying with a slower speed than the actual speed of the song and gradually increase

Let’s play the songs now

If one can understand and appreciate what they are playing, they can thoroughly enjoy the process of learning and the music better.

With that, I conclude and paraphrase “Slow and steady wins the race”

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