The musical terms and conditions 

 Let’s have fun with some musical terms and the way it could get misunderstood by a few non-musicians. Just for fun!

In musical terms

Doesn’t mean this

But means this



It’s a song

Playing by ear

Playing tunes without the help of written notes


12 different prominent frequencies which repeat in a certain progression


A note on which the song is composed, a central note or a root note


A range of prominent frequencies around a root note


Misspelled by many as Baaas! But it is more like base

Notes of Low frequencies


Misspelled by many as trouble! 

Notes of Mid and high frequencies

Time Signature 

The rule of a prominent beat which starts or ends after a fixed number of beats of a particular duration.


Depending on the time signature, will hold a certain number of beats

Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz

Genres, Different styles of producing music


Usually, an audio speaker for reference

To be continued…

To be continued…  To be continued…

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