How much does it fascinate you? 

to Wander in the magic land of two-hands playing!


Who wouldn’t want to play like the pros? 

The grace, the expression and the euphoria!

What does it take to achieve that?

What are the chances that anyone who is starting today, be wandering in that magic land?

Here is an analogy to explain that.

Think of people or yourself walking and talking over the phone. We all have done that. Haven’t we?

How many tasks are we doing?

The answer is 2, right?

In Piano or keyboard, When we use two hands, mostly we will be playing chords from one hand and melody or the tune from the other hand.

Also mostly, chords from the left hand and melody from the right hand.

These are two different tasks.

It doesn’t seem so? but it is.

Two different tasks, with very good co-ordination!

Due to that co-ordination, one can mistake that for a single task happening.  

But these are two different tasks.

Let me tell you a bit of background here.  

Be it any piece of music, we would practice the left hand and the right hand separately before using the two-hands at the same time.  We would practice the chords first and then the melody separately or vice versa.  Slowly we would try two hands and then improve our speed.

Now, check this analogy to understand the concept.

Walking – > The chords or the left hand

Talking ->  The melody or the right hand.

The walk, the routes may change, but the two legs and our sense of balance, keep us going.

The chords, the progression may change, but the sense of pulse and placement of fingers keep us going.

The talk, exchange of information, either new, old or tampered.

The tune, a permutation and combination of musical notes, either new, old or modified.

If you try coordinating your walk and the talk, there is a good chance that you may seem to be performing something special, choose the right place to try though 🙂 🙂

Try a musical instrument too.

Happy learning!

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