Two colours


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A sneak peek into the course

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This video course will teach you from scratch.  

Highlights of this course:

  • Major & Minor chords for all 12 keys
  • Charts with finger numbers of all chords
  • Chord Inversions and using chords in songs
  • Chord shortcuts
  • Using full chords and single fingered chords in songs
  • Using Metronome and tips to play like pros
  • All types of Seventh chords and theory

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Two Colours

Too many possibilities

You would learn – What are chords and how to play them on Piano and Keyboard. Also, would learn to use keyboard shortcuts available in almost all the keyboards to play the chords easily. By the end of this course, you would know different types of chords and play those with confidence.  Absolute fit for beginners, hobbyists, vocalists and for those who love music. So, go ahead and acquire this important skill in Music.

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